Thursday, 3 July 2014

Print-Rite Launches 3D Printer

Print-Rite launched the CoLiDo desktop 3D printer this month along with ABS/PLA filament for use in 3D printing. Print-Rite stated that it has “demonstrated its leading position in the aftermarket printer consumables industry” by developing the machine.

The company added that the 3D printer “generates a high precision printout by using a proprietary design printhead”, with the machine said to be “extremely user-friendly” with “low noise and a competitive price”. It noted in turn that the machine was developed “in-house”, including the electronic board, firmware and printhead, and is equipped with a “coated glass print table which allows for easy removal of the printed object” after the print has finished.

Look out for the Print-Rite 3D Printer and consumables coming to the Sprint-Ink website