Thursday, 10 October 2013

Print your own ‘Mini Me’ while you shop.

Asda will become the first supermarket in the country to offer in-store 3D printing in its stores and it begins trials on October 15.

The supermarket chain said it will be offering the 3d printing service, which can scan anything up to the size of a car and reduce it down to an 8-inch model. The 3d printing service will first be tested at its York store, before being rolled it out more widely if it’s successful.

With prices ranging from £40, shoppers simply need to pop into the store with whatever they want scanned and can then pick up their item as they are doing their shopping the following week, Asda says.

The company envisage one of their top requests will be for customers to have themselves scanned to produce a 8 inch replica. Whether people would want to spend £40 on a ‘mini me’ remains to be seen, but it would be an original sculpture.